WordBrain Review and Tips

wordbrainYou definitely know the type. You usually see them with the morning newspaper tucked under their arms, with the day’s crosswords halfway completed. They are notorious for awkwardly inserting uncommon terms to conversations, often to the confusion of others. The kind that will beat you in simultaneous sessions of Facebook Scrabulous. The vocabulary addicts. Call them the word nerds.

This group finds wordplay games very addictive; and many publishers are currently exploiting this niche. Margot has not being left behind in the race to capitalize on this lexicon-crazed crowd, if its latest release, Words Brain is to go by. Words Brain is an intriguing word puzzle game intended for the true word genius. With six fiendish and compelling word-based puzzles that test on vocabulary and spelling skills, it poses a real challenge even to the smartest word game enthusiast.

WordBrain starts easy but quickly gets challenging as you progress. To complete each puzzle, you have to find and slide your finger over the hidden words. Do it all correctly to clear the grid. This game has over 580 levels available in 15 different languages.

Game Play

This game comprises of timed, mind exercising activities that require more of mental agility than hand-eye coordination. There are 6 activities (mini-games);

  • Word Search: You are provided a couple of vocabulary words and given a little time to memorize them. Thereafter, box with jumbled letters will appear. You are required to track down the words you had memorized. Once you find them, tap on the first and last letters of each word to let the game know you have found it.
  • Word Mine: You are provided with a set of 6 letters out of which you will make as many 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-letter words in the shortest time possible.
  • Word Run: You are required to outrun this game’s API in building crossword puzzles from scratch.
  • Word Link: Tiles fall down to the screen and you have to match them into words.
  • Hyper TXT: Words appear in the left edge of screen and one is required to text them very fast. This is done by pressing “2” once on the screen’s number pad for letter A, pressing the same twice for letter B, thrice for letter C, four times for letter D and so on.
  • Word Safe –. A ring of letters is arranged on the screen and you are required to make words up by linking adjacent letters. In case the letter you required isn’t adjacent, it can be re positioned by spinning the ring of letters.


WordBrain has excellent graphics and artwork. This game features a wide range of colours that contrast well with the background. More so, it will fit nicely onto your screen.

Sound effects

This game features great sound effects which particularly stand out when you get letters correctly in the various activities.


  • WordBrain is exceptionally fun to play, and remains enjoyable even as the levels get tougher.
  • It features a hint button that really helps out if you get stuck in a level or need guidance with the game play.
  • This game features an instructor character in the form of the ever smiling titular Margot, who explains rules, encourages you and offers score assessment in each session.
  • Free.
  • Challenging word game.
  • No penalty if get the wrong word.


  • No music.
  • Lacks story-line.

Tips for playing WordBrain

Tip 1: Rather than trying to make out one word, check to see if it’s possible to make two words. If you find two word possibilities, try one and if it doesn’t work, then you can easily decide whether the other word will work just elimination.

  • Tip 2: Save your hints. Try to use just one hint in each level. Hints give the first letter of a word, and this is more than enough to start you off.
  • Tip 3: Check out Ruzzle-a tool that will sharpen your word-making skills.
  • Tip 3: In the word search mini-game, try random tapping to track the words.


WordBrain can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play Store.


WordBrain is a great game that will keep you thinking. It may have a very simple, minimalistic game play and design to it, but don’t let this fool you… this is one hard game to master. The artwork, sound effects and game play are its strongest pillars though it could do with a bit of music to add to the thrill. Overall, Words Brain is a well thought out game and you will really enjoy playing it. It’s highly recommend for you if you want to enjoy a word puzzle-game that offers unscrambling fun.

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